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When choosing a prosthesis after breast cancer surgery think custom made.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Many women don’t realize they can have a custom made breast prosthesis created for them after a full mastectomy or partial mastectomy. Although there are many breast prosthesis suppliers in Canada, there is only true supplier of custom made breast prostheses and that is New Attitude. Custom made means more than just taking a scan and sending it out to another company to complete the prosthesis and send it back. When you have a wedding dress made, you try on a test fit and make adjustments before the dress is completed. An expensive dress has to fit right, move with your body and feel comfortable. Why should it be different when you are replacing a part of your body? When you work with New Attitude, you work directly with the designer and the manufacturer of the custom, lightweight breast prosthesis. We do an analysis of your movement and the changes that occur in the chest and torso when you move your arms and sit. We study the fit to the bras of your choice that you will be wearing. No detail is left out as work with you to design a comfortable, realistic breast prosthesis. When you work with New Attitude, you are working with experts in creating custom made.

A close up photograph of a realistic looking breast prosthesis made by New Attitude
New Attitude custom made breast prosthesis



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