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New Attitude Custom Made
Partial Breast Prostheses

The Best Solution To Restore Symmetry After a Partial Mastectomy

After a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, one breast is often smaller than the other which makes it difficult to wear regular bras. This is also the type of surgery that is most difficult to correct with surgical reconstruction.

The New Attitude custom partial breast prosthesis is designed to precisely fill in the volume of breast which was removed by surgery and in the location it was removed. Our prosthesis comfortably lifts up and holds the remaining breast tissue back in its correct position and restores the breast size making it easy to use regular bras.  With the New Attitude custom partial prosthesis, women can wear all the bras they used prior to having surgery and can wear low necklines and tight fitting clothing.

All pictures are of New attitude clients

Partial Prostheses: Projects
Woman with a right side partial mastecto

Restoring Appearance

Every woman has a different shaped breast and a different amount of breast tissue removed. A custom made partial breast prosthesis from New Attitude is made to precisely replace what was removed. The contours of the partial breast prosthesis cradle the contours of the remaining breast when it is lifted to its natural position.

Supporting the Breast

The New Attitude prosthesis fits precisely in the location where the tissue was removed and stays comfortably in position. The custom prosthesis can be used with regular bras and it supports the remaining breast tissue and restores symmetry.

partial 22  2.jpg
Woman with a right side partial breast p

Restoring Symmetry

The New Attitude partial breast prosthesis will always stay in position due to our expertise and our “know how”. Having a partial breast prosthesis that restores the shape and volume of the breast enables women to wear the clothing they wore before their surgery and do the activities they did prior to their diagnosis.

Partial Prostheses: Features

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Partial Prostheses: Text
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