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Creating a New Attitude Custom Made Breast Prothesis

A Proven and Professional Process

New Attitude has over 20 years of experience working with women and we offer a long lasting, comfortable and safe way of restoring one’s appearance after surgery. We have a commitment to do the best possible breast prosthesis for each woman we work with. There is always a solution when working with New Attitude.

Woman seated at a desk with her hands folded.

Consultation and Assessment

This consultation can occur by telephone or at our location. I hear your story and take a detailed history and answer any questions. Documents to be submitted to an insurance company are discussed. I provide guidance and help with the insurance process.

A 3D scan of the torso of a woman in a white bra.

Pre Surgical Cast or Scan

New Attitude often sees women before surgery to make a copy of their breast. New Attitude can take a  pre surgical scan before surgery so women have a record of their anatomy. The digital model can be used later to create the custom breast prosthesis.

A digital scan of a a part of the chest after a of a mastectomy

Post Surgical Cast or Scan

A copy of the our client's chest is taken after our client has healed from the mastectomy surgery. This copy will be used to form the back surface of the New Attitude custom prosthesis. This is why the prosthesis will have a secure comfortable fit.

A screen shot of breast prosthesis being created with a 3D modeling program.

Designing a Model of The Custom Prosthesis

We use a variety of technologies to design a test model (or prototype model) of our prosthesis. We test our prototype on the client and have her try on clothing and move her body with the prototype in her bra.

A close up of a chest after a mastectomy and a clear template used to design a New Attitude prosthes

Testing Fit of the Prosthesis on Client and Making Adjustments

At the design stage we also do assessments and studies of how the chest changes during movement by using clear flexible templates. Modifications are made to the back of the breast prothesis to create a "functional fit."

A 3D printed prototype of a New Attitude breast prothesis.

Completion of the Prosthesis Model on the Client

A physical model or prototype of the  breast prosthesis is created from the initial digital model we create and we use this model to test on the body. We make changes to the shape of the model with our client present.

Process: Services
Close of women who is having a custom made breast prosthesis designed

Refinement of the Prosthesis Model On Client

We take the time to make sure every aspect of the custom breast prosthesis is done well. The design model is tested  under clothing and adjustments are made to be sure it is the best shape before we can make.

A completed New Attitude custom breast prosthesis with pigments.

Colour Matching and Fabrication of Prosthesis

Once the design prototype model is complete, a mold is made of the model and the prosthesis is fabricated from the mold using silicones that are colour matched to the individual woman's skin.

A realistic New Attitude custom breast prosthesis.

Delivery of the Completed Custom Prosthesis

Clients can receive the completed breast prosthesis at our office or we can send it by insured courier with a signature required.

Process: Services

Call us and let us know how we can help.

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