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Comments from New Attitude Clients

An exceptional woman and Artist. I found Irene on line and quickly became excited at the prospect of working with her. The time with her as she created Prosthetics for me were exciting and healing. I was transformed. Irene has a calm quiet caring way and goes to great lengths to ensure an exceptional outcome. Her desire to fine tune and expand her art will be an exciting adventure to be a part of. Thanks Irene.

 JL, Toronto 

The work New Attitude does is exciting, Ms. Healey is possibly the most intelligent, caring and compassionate professional I have met in my years working to communicate vital healthcare issues. Spread the word.

Corby Luke, Enginears Inc., Toronto

I received my prosthesis yesterday afternoon. I was tracking it hourly and could not wait, but it was certainly worth it! It fits beautifully and the color and detail is perfect. I am so happy with it. Even my son, age 12, noticed the difference when I put on my running suit - and that's not something he would normally want to bring up. 
You are the best. I have a journal that I started 6 years ago; and this certainly puts closure in one of the chapters.......Looking "normal".

LK, San Francisco, CA

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I had my breast prosthesis done almost 10 years ago when you were doing all by hand sculpturing.  I have to say that after all these years its held up remarkably well and still is so comfortable.  I've never had any issues with it irritating me or otherwise and I work out everyday!  Its given me the confidence to move on with my life without the pain of surgery or complications.

I'm sure things have changed since then, but you've given a lot of people a sense of normality in their lives.  Thanks Irene

SS, Toronto, Canada 

I am an aggressive windsurfer and I love to spend time working hard in the gym. Reconstruction after my mastectomy and radiation would have involved many surgeries, recovery time, more scars and possible risk of disfigurement, infection and failure, none of which appealed to me. Four years ago, I had a custom prosthesis made for me and I could not do without it today. It is light, very comfortable, needs no maintenance and stands up to vigorous exercise. I pop it into one of my bras  and camisole tops and the best part is, it is a perfect match to my other side! Nobody knows I am wearing it, even in my  bikinis. My custom prosthesis from New Attitude is the perfect  solution.

NJ, Toronto, Canada 

You are a blessing and the work that you do is a gift.  Your attention to detail was only surpassed by your artistic ability.  I’ve never met someone so knowledgeable, creative and kind.  It was an experience I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.  The four days I spent in your studio were filled with awe for what you create but also for how you approach the project.  Your prosthetics are one of a kind and are in fact works of art.  In working with me, you made me feel whole again.  You treated me with respect and from the very first moment I knew we were creating something special, beautiful and personal.  I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to watch the process that is so unique to you.

With Gratitude,

CB, Rhode Island

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