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The Best Bilateral Prostheses After a Double Mastectomy

Perfect Execution

New Attitude specializes in the creation of natural appearing custom made bilateral breast prostheses. We use our artistic skills to sculpt natural looking and realistic breast prostheses that expertly match each woman's body.

All photographs are of New Attitude clients

bilateral prostheses 2.jpg
Bilateral Prostheses: Projects

Restoring the Body

Natural Looking Shape that Fits

Custom sculpted in a shape and size that looks natural

Lightweight and Comfortable

Comfortably stays in position and moves with the body

Worn Without a Bra In Tight Tops

Just tight clothing holds the prostheses in position

Coloured to Match Your Skin

Wear transparent clothing and see through tops

Bilateral Prostheses: Features
Watch Now
Bilateral Prostheses: Video Player

All photograph are of New Attitude Clients

Bilateral Prostheses: Gallery

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Bilateral Prostheses: Text
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