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Irene Healey, Founder of New Attitude

Restoring The Body Through Art and Technology

Irene Healey is a trained sculptor and a practicing visual artist with a degree in medical art from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Part of  the medical art education included gross anatomy and histology which enabled Ms. Healey to increase her understanding of the body.

Ms. Healey combines her visual art and medical art training as a designer of facial and body prostheses. She  practices as a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist and works with people who have lost a part of their body to a disease, or have had an accident, or have a congenital condition and she provides various types of custom facial and body prostheses to patients.

Her work as a sculptor keeps her  interested in new materials and technologies and it facilitates her research into finding new applications of additive manufacturing that can enable change and create novel enterprises in the field of medical prosthetics.

Ms. Healey is a frequent speaker at 3D printing conferences about applying 3D printing in the fields of art and prosthetic medicine. Not bound by any one tradition or material, Ms. Healey sees developments in additive manufacturing as exciting tools to complement and enhance other traditional capabilities.

However her biggest commitment is providing people  in need with the best possible body prostheses that can help restore their appearance and improve the function of the body after the loss of a body part.  Her biggest joy is working one on one with patients.

“Paying attention to the highest level of craft and doing one’s best is a matter of personal integrity for me and it is a value that I have instilled in all my work and my company, New Attitude. I feel it is the least I can do for the people I work with and it is my small contribution towards making the world a better place and making a difference where I can.”

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About Irene: My Practice
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