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Completing a Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Completing Breast Reconstruction Surgery

After all the work women go through to reconstruct a breast after a mastectomy, the New Attitude nipple prosthesis can make the reconstruction seem complete. 

New Attitude creates beautiful natural looking nipple prostheses that have a thin strong edge that blends in with the skin. Our nipples can be self adhesive or can be used with glue. Our nipple will stay securely on the breast for over a week when used with a prosthetic glue and it will stay on the breast when showering or swimming. It starts with a call to us and learn what New Attitude can do for you. 

The New Attitude custom nipple prostheses can also be used with nipple tattoos to correct the colour of the areola or to add nipple projection to the breast so it matches the remaining nipple and has the same appearance under clothing.

New Attitude custom made nipple prosthes
Nipple Prosthesis: Projects
Nipple 1.jpg

Nipple Prostheses
By New Attitude

Used Alone or With a Nipple Tattoo

Feels Natural to Touch

Long lasting with a strong transparent edge

Colour Matched

Accurate skin colour that blends with the skin

Self Adhesive or
Used With Glue

Stays on skin for over a week when used with glue

Created to Look Like Remaining Nipple

Matches remaining nipple in projection and colour

Nipple Prosthesis: Features

All photographs are of New Attitude clients

Nipple Prosthesis: Gallery

Do you have questions? Call us and speak to Irene.

Nipple Prosthesis: Text
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