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How Can We Help?

These are some of the questions we are asked most frequently. Should you have other questions, please contact us. We are pleased to provide you with the information you need and we will do our best to help you.

Do I have to see you in person?

The best results are achieved when the prosthesis designer, Irene Healey, can work directly with the woman using the prosthesis.  We use a variety of technologies and techniques (both digital and hand crafted) and we always use the best process that enables us to create a superior prosthesis for each woman.

While we are together, we have the opportunity to learn more about your lifestyle and preferences. We do an analysis of a variety of bra styles and brands you prefer to wear. By doing this, we can be sure the New Attitude custom made prosthesis will continue to fit comfortably with the bras you choose to use in the future. We also do an analysis of your body movement and how your chest contours change during movements of your arms and torso. Based on this functional analysis, we may modify the back surface of the breast prothesis to create a better fit that can move with the body. (We call this a dynamic or functional fit). The work we do in the presence of the client enhances the comfort and stability of the prostheses and enable us to guarantee our New Attitude custom made prosthesis as being the best possible breast prosthesis.

It can be a challenge for some women to travel to see us. We are beginning to work in more locations so please give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.

Although we want to work directly with each woman to create the first original design of our custom made breast prosthesis, we keep (archive) all of our work, including the colour studies. Future copies of the breast prosthesis can be done without the client having to have any visits with us.

What are the materials used?

New Attitude uses the highest quality medical silicones that are safe to be used on the skin.  We have our own proprietary formulas that we developed by working with experts in the field. All the materials we use are tested to conform to what the FDA says is required for materials that sit against the skin. We continue to research and develop new methods of creating the most life like prosthesis possible. The silicone breast prosthesis sits outside the body on top of the skin so it is not  associated with Breast Implant Illness (BII) which is considered to be an auto-immune response to a foreign material (breast implant) placed inside body.

How does the prosthesis stay in place?

The New Attitude prosthesis does not require glue to stay in place. Place it in your bra on your chest and it will stay comfortably in place and stay in location and move. There are many reasons why the New Attitude prostheses is so comfortable and stable. First, because we start with a copy of your chest wall so the back surface of the prosthesis has the contours of your chest and it keys into place. Secondarily, we do a detailed analysis of how the chest changes during movement and we modify the back surface creating what we call is a “dynamic” or “functional fit”. Thirdly, the material we use is soft and corpulent (feels like breast tissue). When you lean forward the prosthesis stays in place because it is very lightweight and it doesn't have the weight to fall forward. Fourthly, we have a design algorithm for creating a precise prosthesis shape so oyr prosthesis will restore symmetry and fits with any regular fitting. We make sure there is no conflict between the bras and the prosthesis so the bra does not push the prosthesis out of position.
The New Attitude custom breast prosthesis is placed against the skin and can be used with regular bras. It can be used without a bra in tight fitting clothing as the pressure the form fitting top is enough to gently keep the prosthesis in position.

Can I use the prostheses for all activities?

Yes, you only need the New Attitude custom breast prostheses. The prosthesis is lightweight and comfortable and stays in position with the use of a normal bra or tight fitting clothing. You don't need to use a pocketed bra. You can swim and go into hot tops without harming the prosthesis. The only thing you need to do is wash the prosthesis with soap and warm water at the end of the day.

Are New Attitude prostheses covered by insurance?

Many extended healthcare plans (private insurance) will cover the New Attitude custom made breast prosthesis as well as nipple prostheses. Contact us and we will help you prepare the documents you need to submit to receive a pre-authorization of your coverage. 

Would you like to speak to Irene? Call the Founder of New Attitude with any questions.

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