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Located in Toronto, ON and Hamilton, ON 

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Why Choose a New Attitude Custom - Made   Breast Prosthesis 

Only New Attitude has the knowledge and experience to create a comfortable lightweight and natural looking custom breast prostheses. New Attitude provides an expertly designed breast prosthesis that is an alternative to surgical reconstruction 


A custom made prosthesis is unique and "tailor made" to fit each woman to perfectly restore the missing anatomy. Each custom breast prosthesis is unique . The New Attitude prosthesis restores the precise shape and size of the breast and is designed to be used with the regular bras.

Creating a custom made breast prosthesis requires more than just taking a copy of the chest wall. It also requires doing a functional analysis of how the body moves and adjusting the back surface of the prosthesis. It also involves testing the design of the prosthesis with a variety of bras to guarantee the completed prosthesis fits comfortably in position and restores the appearance.

Why Only New Attitude? 
  • Sculpted to match the remaining breast and restore symmetry

  • Coloured to match the skin so transparent bras and clothing can be used

  • Our "Dynamic Fitting Process" creates a custom prosthesis that moves with the body

  • The best choice for women at risk of developing lymphedema

  • Restores the appearance without more surgery

  • Comfortable and lightweight and stays in position

  • Can be used in any regular bras, both underwire and non underwire. 

New Attitude helps clients receive a pre-authorization of their

coverage from insurers for the New Attitude prosthesis and guides them through the process with the correct documentation.