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We provide expert information to women at any point of their breast cancer treatment or diagnosis either with  phone consultation or an appointment to come in to see us. We have over 25 years of experience creating custom prostheses and we can help by providing information that is useful for women during their decision making process. New Attitude often sees women before their surgery to take a cast or digital scan of their breast. 

 Pre Surgical Casting or Scan 

New Attitude often sees women before their surgery to take a cast of their breast or a copy of their breast using a digital scan. 

New Attitude can take a digital scan before surgery so women have a record of their anatomy. The digital model can later be used to create a custom breast prosthesis and it may also be helpful as part of their medical records and aid the surgeon planning surgical breast reconstruction.

Insurance Pre-Determination  
Insurance Coverage 

Many insurance companies in Canada cover the New Attitude custom breast prosthesis. 
Contact us and we can provide the correct documentation. We guide our clients through the process of getting a prior authorization of of coverage from their insurance company

Government  Coverage 

New Attitude custom prostheses are eligible for the Ontario Ministry of Health's Assistive Devices and Long Term Care's (ADP )breast grant of $195.00. The grant is given to women when they submit an original receipt of payment from New Attitude to ADP. 

Custom Made Partial Breast Prosthesis 

New Attitude custom made partial prosthesis  precisely replaces the breast tissue where it was removed. Our custom prosthesis restores the missing volume and restores the shape. It comfortably stays in position while supporting the remaining breast tissue and can be worn with regular bras.

New Attitude client with a custom made breast prosthesis after a partial mastectomy on her right breast.

Custom Made Breast Prosthesis 

A custom made prosthesis is "tailor made" to fit each individual and very custom breast prosthesis is unique and made individually for each woman we work with. The New Attitude  breast prosthesis is lightweight, realistic and custom made. It prosthesis looks and feels natural and it comfortably stays in place.  Only a custom made prosthesis from New Attitude custom breast prosthesis can restore symmetry, and enable a  woman to use regular bras and have choice in the clothing they wear   

New Attitude client with a custom made breast prosthesis after a full mastectomy on her right breast. 

Custom Made Bilateral Prostheses 

New Attitude specializes in the creation of custom made breast prostheses for women after a double mastectomy. We have the artistic skills and technical experience to create comfortable breast prostheses that restore the anatomy and look as if they are naturally part of the body. Call us for more information.


New Attitude client with a custom bilateral breast prostheses after a double mastectomy. 

Custom Made Nipple Prostheses 

A beautifully crafted nipple prosthesis from New Attitude completes the appearance of a reconstructed breast.


Each custom nipple  prosthesis is unique and made  for each woman we work with. The New Attitude nipple prosthesis looks and feels natural and securely stays in place for days with prosthetic glue.


See more of our New Attitude Nipple Prostheses.  

A New Attitude client with a custom made right nipple prosthesis on a surgically reconstructed right breast.