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1. Consultation and Insurance Documentation

A medical history is completed and the features of the New Attitude custom made breast prosthesis are discussed and questions answered. This consultation can occur by telephone or at our location. The documents that are required to submit for reimbursement from the client's private insurance is discussed and New Attitude can help by overseeing the process.

2. First Clinical Visit

A copy of the post mastectomy anatomy is taken and this copy will be used to form the back surface of the New Attitude custom prosthesis to create a secure and comfortable fit.

3. Second Clinical Visit - Development of the Prosthesis Model 

A physical model or prototype of the custom breast prosthesis is created using the information taken during the first clinical visit. The prototype model is tested and on the body and checked for fit with a sample of regular bras. The breast prosthesis prototype is also tested under a selection of clothing to assess how clothing drapes and folds over the prosthesis. These steps ensure that the final New Attitude custom prosthesis restores symmetry and looks natural under all clothing.

Empirical Studies, Modifications and Functional Fit

Soft fitting templates and a test  model or prototype of the custom breast prosthesis is tested on the client to observe how the model accomodates movement of the body. Adjustments are made to the front and back surface of the prototype model to create a "functionally fitting" custom prosthesis that can move comfortably move with the torso.

Only New Attitude has the know how to do a functional fit  

Soft templates are used to study the changes to the chest wall that occur with movement. Changes are made to the back surface of the prosthesis after our analysis to create a functionally fitting custom breast prosthesis.

4 Fabrication of the Custom Prosthesis 

Once the prototype model is completed, the model is used to fabricate the final silicone prosthesis using New Attitude's proprietary processes and materials.

5. Delivery of the Prosthesis 
Clients can receive the completed breast prosthesis at our office or we can send it by insured courier with a signature required.