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Irene Healey, AOCA, B.Sc., AAM, CCA 

Ms. Healey is a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist and expert in lifelike and functional prostheses.

New Attitude was founded by Irene Healey, a visual artist and a trained medical artist.


Ms Healey has over 15 years of experience working directly with women to develop different types of  custom-made breast prostheses . She has an expertise that is not found anywhere else.

Ms. Healey combines her skills as an artist with her knowledge of new technologies to develop custom prostheses that are both life-like and comfortable to use.  The breast prostheses she  provides can only be found at New Attitude.​

Ms. Healey chose the name New Attitude to highlight her commitment to a new way of thinking about breast prosthetics and a commitment to providing the best possible alternative for women not having surgical reconstruction.

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